Sunday, January 30, 2011

Attention torrent uploaders

If you're going to upload a TV show to a torrent website, you only need one fucking file. Just one. A fucking AVI file. You don't need 8 text files, you don't need a fucking sample file. Just the fucking AVI file. Don't be a fucking asshole. You don't need to split it up into ten 15MB RAR files, this isn't fucking 1996, I won't be copying it onto 20 Zip drives. Quit being a fucking asshole. Oh, I'm complaining about something that I'm getting for free? Just because it's free don't mean it needs to be utter shit. Really, how much extra time did you spend creating that sample file or putting it in a RAR file? I'll pay you to stop doing that.


  1. what if it's a 'scene' release? i'm sure they still use multiple RARs for faster 0sec/topsite distribution

  2. On a 170MB file? Then that's just retarded. Get a faster connection.


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