Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to manually install a .crx extension on the CR 48

So I got a CR 48 and created a little web app in .crx format. Since there's only like 9 people in the world it would be useful to, there's no reason to upload it to the Chrome Web Store, which is the easiest way to install apps and extensions on the CR 48 notebook.

After emailing it using Gmail, I tried to download and install the extension, but get the error "Apps must be served from the host that they affect". Trying to download it from DropBox or gives the error "Unknown file type" when trying to access it from the downloads list. And trying to download the .json and .png files and installing via Tools > Extensions > Development > Install Unpacked Extension gives the error "Invalid .json format". Frustrating indeed.

Using a trick I learned from installing emailed .apk files on Android phones, I figured it out. Email the .crx file to yourself or open an email where you sent it to someone else. Switch Gmail to basic HTML mode, then when you click on the attachment, it will prompt you to install.

This may not work with all extensions. The one I tested this with was just a simple bookmark extension.

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