Monday, March 7, 2011

Math makes drinking more fun: Which is more cost effective for alcohol content, Four Loko or vodka?

This is simply an exercise in math, not an indication of taste, street cred, sickness factor, or any number of other things that can cause you to buy one type of booze over another.

Let's say you have a 750ml of vodka, at 80 proof (40% alcohol) and the average price is around $20. Then you have a 23.5oz (7.5 Fl oz or 221ml) can of Four Loko at 12% alcohol, with the average price being about $2.70 a can.

First the vodka:

  • 40% of 750ml is 300ml of pure alcohol
  • $20 divided by 300, means you're paying about $0.06 per ml of pure alcohol
And the Four Loko:
  • 12% of 221ml is 26.5ml of pure alcohol
  • $2.70 divided by 26.5ml comes out to, you guessed it math wiz, about 10 cents per milliliter of alcohol.

Although $20 is an average price for vodka, there are some that can be found for much cheaper, around $10 per 750ml. And the quality is probably around that of gut-rot Four Loko. If you're looking for street cred and you don't want to be labeled a fag for drinking girly juice and vodka drinks, then spend the extra dough and get you a Four Loko.

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