Thursday, March 3, 2011

“Tea is Just Coffee’s Gay Cousin”

“Tea is Just Coffee’s Gay Cousin” – The Javashirt [Submitted]: "

Tea Is Gay1 Tea is Just Coffees Gay Cousin   The Javashirt [Submitted]

Controversial? Maybe. Funny? Hell Yeah! “Tea Is Coffee’s Gay Cousin” is one of the most talked about Javashirts brought forth by Javaboi Industries. Originally I wanted to design a parody against the Tea beverage. The reason being is because I really got tired of defining and describing my products as “t-shirts” this triggered the “J-Shirt” description of our products. The design is on a coffee brown garment with a pink tan and plaid pattern with in the text. It’s a great feel and an automatic conversation piece! Lastly, no offense to Tea drinkers. I drink tea whenever I am sick and need to get back to my original state of health, and honestly you will come up with your own meaning for the word “Gay” within the text of the J-Shirt but let’s not forget that Gay also means happy. LOL!!!

 Tea is Just Coffees Gay Cousin   The Javashirt [Submitted]

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