Friday, March 18, 2011

True story, niggers be saying niggers crazy

So there I was drinking one of my last beers. About 20 minutes ago, at 1:45am. They stop selling beer at 2am so I walked over to the local ghetto mart at the end of my street. Door is locked but a quick knock notifies the attendant and he lets me in, since I'm the only customer in sight. The 30-something black gentleman opens the door for me and greets me. I head straight for the beer case since that's all I need. Grab a 12 pack of Miller High Life and a Four Loko. I pause for a moment and check out some new malt beverage called Weed In A Can. Sounds gross, so I pass and head to the register. The attendant is staring our the door like he's waiting for someone else. I put my adult beverages on the counter then he rings me up. As I hand over the $10.27 in cash he asks me "Are you walking or driving?". "Walking" I say, "I only live right across the street." He goes on to say "Be careful out there, niggers be crazy."

What? (Yes he said "niggers" and not "niggas")

"Yeah, those niggers are out tonight and they're crazy, you should be careful walking" he continued. I thanked him for the advice and walked home with my 168oz of alcohol then started consuming it, blogged the story, and contemplated the kind words from a dark skinned convenience store worker.

True story.

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